Angela Reyes


Kearns and West Valley Director Angela Reyes is enjoying her 6th season in Up With Kids! She grew up in Cali, Colombia. Her talent for singing was discovered by her dad at the early age of 5. By the age of 16 she was given the opportunity to sing and travel with her father’s trio around the country, recorded her first CD and appeared many times on National Television. She has seen the amazing influence of Up With Kids in the lives of her four children. Her love and passion for music in youngsters is what brought her to be part of Up With Kids!

Angela has participated in many choirs, she has been a choir director at a local school, and a mentor for many children in her area. She has performed in numerous festivals such as the Hispanic-American Festival, Utah State Fair, and the Utah Arts Festival, among others. She also does voiceovers and her voice is recognized in several Spanish recordings and commercials.

There is nothing in the world that Angela enjoys more than teaching. She understands the importance of music in children’s lives because she has lived it. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Music Production.