Patti Townsend


A child’s mind is infinite in gifts and talents. This program allows children to reach deep and experience theater in the most loving, noncompetitive way, uncovering those gifts and talents. Collaborating with children of various ages toward a goal where everyone enjoys the victory is exactly what happens with this program. Developing the gifts and talents through music and dance is the best of challenges for an Up With Kids teacher.

Patti is from Ohio where she attended Columbus College, majoring in business and entrepreneurship. While in college and working in the world of investment finance, Patti taught several types of exercise classes in small venues, then decided to open her own Studio where she taught zumba and yoga to adults. She then added “Dance Parties” to her offerings where she would choreograph favorite songs for the birthday girl or guest of honor and then teach the routines to the party goers.

Patti has directed several children’s musicals in Ohio, and also directed children and adult choirs. She enjoys playing guitar and flute, singing, and dancing in the kitchen or anywhere with a dance floor. She attended a training session with cast members of “Aladdin” in New York city, learning choreography of the hit musical.

Patti has two children, but many more call her Mom. She loves working with children as she delights in discovering each one’s uniqueness and creativity. Up With Kids provides a safe, noncompetitive environment that allows children to tap into their abilities and enjoy theater and music, then perform with confidence in front of welcoming audiences.

This is Patti’s third year with the Up With Kids program, and it has allowed her to realize her dream of working with children in theater and helping them realize their potential. After all, there is a star in all of us!