Shendi Pingel


Shendi discovered her love of theatre when she was a little girl watching Newsies on TV. She memorized all of the songs and lines with the Brooklyn accents. She completely fell in love when she got to see the stage production. She learned to love classical books and history and writing poems in high school, and studied art and psychology in college.

As a child Shendi was very shy. She wanted to participate in plays and musicals but was afraid. Being dyslexic she often made mistakes in her every day studies and speaking. She would find later that many famous people were dyslexic as well, and it made her head hold a little higher.

As an adult Shendi decided to was time to step out of her comfort zone and she challenged herself by taking classes at Comedy Sportz. She studied music and participated in her church choir. She loves listening to accents and trying to perfect them as she learns voices of characters. Her husband often teases her when they are watching a movie and Shendi accidentally asks for popcorn in an accent without even thinking about it.

Shendi spent several years working at a facility for people with disabilities. She taught them everyday skills and how to live with joy to the best of their abilities, and they taught her so much more. It was her favorite job. She also spent a few years working in a flower shop where she learned even more about her love for all things artistic.

When Shendi discovered Up With Kids she jumped at the chance to participate as a co-director. She was able to understand the shy students and help them grow confident and recognize their talents. She is so excited to be a part of this program and to help the next generation of theatre lovers spread their wings and shine!