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Introducing “FROSTBITE, A Tale of Two Sisters”

We hope you’ve had a wonderful dramatic summer! The Up With Kids directors have been working hard to get next year’s show ready to go! Check this out:

 “FROSTBITE! A Tale of Two Sisters, starring… YOU!”

We’re having so much fun writing new lines of dialogue for all the fun characters and adding new songs and dances! What part will you play?

 Join in to help us tell the story of all of the characters as they grow up– tiny, medium and tall Anna, Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf sharing their history! Just imagine the backstory of the evil Hans growing up with a bunch of super villains who are plotting to overthrow the peaceful kingdom of Arendelle with a magical snow curse while singing “Be Prepared!” A whole stage full of snowmen and snowflake angels will play in the magical snow with young Elsa and Anna while singing “Everything Snowy Is Awesome!”  Get ready to laugh with the roly poly trolls who will heal the tiny Princess Anna while they “Make Some Noise!” Then all of the precious princes and princesses from the fairy tale world will arrive to celebrate Coronation Day for “The First Time in Forever!” As Elsa runs away we will create a spectacular blizzard and northern lights while performing “What’s This?” And we’ll wrap it all up in a happy ending when the “act of true love” saves them all! “Let It Go” for a frosty fun year because you’re all worth more than “Gold”!

 Time To Register! New classes begin the week of September 8th-12th!