Melodie Perry


Creative Director Melodie Perry’s first Up With Kids! experience was playing “Tinkerbell” at the age of 5 and she has been “hooked” 🙂 ever since! Growing up in the program has given her not only self-esteem, but a true love and passion for the performing arts as well.

After touring Europe with a choir, taking fifth place in the world championships with the Northern Lights dance company, being featured as a soloist in the “America Sings” festival, and many other awesome performing opportunities, Melodie has realized that teaching is every bit as rewarding as performing (and sometimes more!). In addition to teaching the Lehi, Highland and Daybreak locations, she writes our fabulous lessons and much more while keeping up with her two active children.

She is so excited to be entering her 20th year as an Up With Kids! director and looks forward to helping every one of her wonderful students build self-esteem and develop their fabulous gifts!