Shauna Livingston


Shauna Livingston is the founder and creator of the Up With Kids! Musical Theatre program. Shauna spends many hours each week developing lesson plans and materials to stretch the imaginations of children. She enables them to experience the riches of our cultural heritage in lively, interactive ways that bring learning to life!

Shauna graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brigham Young University. The majority of her graduate work in music, dance and drama has been at the University of Utah, but includes Orff certification from Utah State University. She has enjoyed teaching music in Jordan District for several years.

Shauna believes that children are capable of much more than we often realize, and she strives to challenge each delightful young person to discover and to fully develop their unique talents. Shauna enthusiastically and warmly welcomes each and every student who enters her program.