All Star Acting

The Up With Kids program emphasizes “All Star” acting, where every child is a star. Scripts are tailored to accommodate the students, ensuring that every child is cast in their own unique role with speaking lines and a personality to develop.

Audition techniques are taught, but auditions are never held for our productions. We promote a spirit of cooperation and teamwork rather than competition.  The All Star acting approach promotes a positive experience for every student, where confidence and self-esteem are developed through involvement in the performing arts. At Up With Kids, every child is a star!

Award-Winning Curriculum

Up With Kids students are trained in acting and performing for stage and film. We are honored to have received the “Kids Out And About” award for “Best Performing Arts Program for Children”. The Up With Kids curriculum is based on the works of the Great Masters of Music, Dance, Literature, Art and Theatre. All activities promote creativity and self-esteem for our students and teachers in an atmosphere of love and friendship.

Professional Instruction in Acting, Singing and Dancing

Up With Kids students are taught by some of the best teachers and directors in children’s musical theater. Our instructors are accomplished artists and performers in their chosen fields of entertainment. Each instructor contributes to the Up With Kids program in their own unique way, bringing experience in a diverse array of fields from theater arts and stage production to professional opera and dance.

Charitable Performances

We perform free of charge and welcome invitations to bring our show to schools, churches and community events. Regular opportunities will be arranged to provide free entertainment for disadvantaged members of our community. Portions of our programs are presented in sign language to accommodate the deaf members of our audiences.

Non-Profit Organization

Up With Kids is a non-profit organization; as such, our primary function is community service and education rather than financial gain. Our teachers receive reasonable salaries as compensation for their time, talents, love and devotion to their students.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Up With Kids welcomes all students, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, or parental status.