Mallory Bringhurst


Kearns, Eagle Mountain and Roy Director Mallory Bringhurst grew up in the Up With Kids! program, starting from the age of seven, and immediately found a home with her “second family” – a place where her overly-excited-and-super-loud personality was welcomed, encouraged, and cultivated until she turned into a true performer!

After graduating from Copper Hills High School, Mallory travelled with Up With Kids! as an assistant director on three different trips across the country and eventually found herself as a Special Education Teacher’s Aide at Kearns High School for three fantastic years. Both of these experiences proved to Mallory that her true passion in life is teaching. Mallory’s positive disposition has earned her the opportunity to be a yearly speaker at High Schools and camps, speaking about Positivity in Difficult situations, and understanding Mental Health. She believes “A positive mindset brings positive things”

Mallory understands the desire to be the star of everything, and she looks forward to helping children, like herself, blossom in Up With Kids!